Monday, November 9, 2009

Interesting biographical note from www.CharlesCantor.Org

Dr. Cantor’s research is focused on identifying biological problems that are resistant to conventional analytical approaches and then developing new methodologies or techniques for solving these problems. His current interests include the development of new methods for faster DNA sequencing, the development of new variations and analogs of the polymerase chain reaction, the development of bacterial strains suitable for environmental detoxification, and the discovery of human genes associated with sense and taste. He is also interested in exploring the possible use of biological molecules for applications in nanoengineering and microrobotics, and in making detectors capable of recognizing specific single molecules.
As for personal life, Dr. Cantor has never married and enjoys a colorful bachelor lifestyle. Being in perfect health, each day Dr. Cantor gets up early in the morning and runs five miles (~8 km) outdoors. 

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